Animals in Dreams: A Scientific Analysis Concerning Dream Interpretation

The meaning of dreams about animals is very important. They are usually dream symbols. A dream symbol is a key piece of information that can save the dreamer from trouble. It also provides guidance and basic truths that can help him or her to find their way. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know seeing a fox at night meaning

Animals are sacred to many civilizations and populations. They have a magnetic influence on the human mind. In order to communicate secret messages in symbolic form, the unconscious mind that generates dreams often uses animals.

These messages are not meant to be understood by our wild conscience. They protect us from its interference. Our primitive, wild conscience continues to try to control our behavior by inducing mental illnesses within our human conscience.

The unconscious mind gives us warnings and information through a symbol language. This language is important to learn in order to escape from the wild conscience traps and move forward.

My simplified version of Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation allows you to easily learn the meaning of your dream language. I simplified his process to a simple method for dream translation, converting images into words.

Here’s a short list of dream symbols that are inspired by animals and their meanings.



Bird – The bird brings news to the dreamser. The type of bird that it is will decide the kind of news it brings. Bad news will come from wild birds. Peaceful birds will bring good news. The bird could also be an emblem of a special person in the dreamer’s life.



Cat – A dreamer who sees a feline in a dream is likely to be very foolish. Cats are intelligent animals.



Dog- Immorality and infidelity are linked to the image that dogs have in their dreams. The dreamer must refuse to entertain the notion of cheating on his/her partner or having many sexual relationships.



Dreamers who dream of seeing an elephant in their dreams will experience Heroism – Elephant. The dreamer will need to be courageous in a very important aspect of his/her life.



Fox – If a dreamer sees a Fox in a dream, they should be cautious. The Fox is a smart animal that could cause them many problems. The dream warns of a person who is smarter then the dreamer.



These basic characteristics will give you insight into how to behave. You will also learn the identity of any other people involved in your daily life.



The people in your lives may be different to you. Dream symbols can serve as warnings and show you things you might not have known about.



Dream symbols can also be based upon animals. These symbols do not refer to other people and they don’t indicate any specific behavior. These are the sacred symbols like the snake or swan.



The snake symbolizes a painful situation, but it also has the power of divine providence. The dreamer will go through an embarrassing experience that will serve to teach him or her lessons and keep him from repeating the same mistake in the future.



The swan symbolizes wisdom and spiritual fulfillment. This dream symbol is only available to those who have successfully completed dreams therapy and have developed their sense of sensitivity and intuition.

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