Nigeria News

Nigeria news has a fascinating, colourful and interesting past. Nigeria news used to be transmitted using a variety of instruments, including drums, sticks and gongs. Come and visit our website search it on 9janews you can learn more.

Without the use of cell phones, radios or television, local residents must find a way to communicate news of joy, loss, and war to their neighbors.

Here’s where the story becomes interesting.

They invented new ways to communicate across long distances with their ‘famous talking drummers’. It’s amazing to watch the masters of this act. You can send and get messages just by beating a drum. Unobtrusive observers may think that the drummers create a cacophony, but those with trained ears can see that the drummers are engaging in a heated conversation or argument similar to today’s cell phone chat.

In jest drummers are known to ridicule the beauty and femininity in the other community, as well as the strength and masculinity of its male folk. The drum was an integral part the community’s life. The drum marked the calendar of celebrations of the communities. It also recorded births and deaths.

Nigeria News today is transmitted mostly through radio, newspapers, and the electronic version. Nigeria news was originally transmitted by newspapers, state-owned radio, and later government-owned television stations. During this period, the government was in control of Nigeria’s information dissemination. As the government became less powerful, private newspapers, radio, and television stations joined the fray to challenge it.

A few of the radio stations

Radio Nigeria (government owned)



Guardian Newspaper

The Sun Newspaper

ThisDay Newspaper

The Nation