Moldavite in Healing, Practices, and Meditations

Moldavite, a wonderful stone, is great to work with in healing, practices, meditations, and personal healing. Its transformative powers cause an energetic resonance to be initiated throughout the entire body, raising vibration. The many benefits of this stone and their exposure include activating the dream-state when worn while asleep, helping to adapt to the Earth plane environment if one is not feeling part of it (especially Star Children), aiding in expansion of consciousness and rapid transform in one’s lives-aiding one in the release and transformation of things that don’t serve one’s highest paths, visionary experiences and increased clarity, energy cleansing, strengthening, aiding self discovery and enlightenment, expanding, and even contact to interdimensional energies.

It is thought to be the only known gem of extraterrestrial (non-Earthly) origin and is associated the Star card of Tarot. It can also be linked to the Heart Chakra. Moldavite is a stone that encourages you to connect with your heart. Moldavite is a stone that allows us to feel the warmth and love of the heart. Wow! Wow! It is not surprising that it can be frightening at first. It’s full of releasing energy and energy that can be released. Although inviting one of these beautiful pieces into your life will already reflect that on some level, you have chosen to be ready. It is undoubtedly a celestial, “stone of transformation.” Not all stones are created equal.

Moldavite may be right for you, if it resonates with you or you get in touch with one. It is amazing to see that everyone has a variety of options so they can find the right one for them. Enjoy these beautiful beauties if you are ready! You’ll find a long-lasting friend who you’ll love to travel with.